My Defaults and Necessary Mods for The Sims 3

The bulk of this list comes from , PleasantSims, Spoons and Things, and OneEuroMutt. I have also added my own here and there, and replaced broken links.

Sims Body


Nude Meshes

Clothing Fixes

Supernatural Sims

Lighting/Environment Mods

Brntwaffles’ Frozen Inspired Lighting Mod

Enchanted Environment – Replaces the EA sun, moon, clouds, rainbow, stars, snow, frozen pond texture, and snowy footprints with much nicer versions.

Gameplay Mods

NRAAS– Multiple fixes and options for the game. I use almost all of NRAAS.

NRAAS Woohooer – This is a NSFW 18+ mod that is similar to TS4’s Whicked Whims – not for the faint of heart. Also available above, but deserves special mention.

Author: Lilith Pleasant

I've been playing The Sims since 2004. I've played every iteration, but the Sims 2 will always remain as my very favourite. I'm passionate about getting others involved in playing the Sims 2 and sharing my stories, as well as trying my hand at CC. But, I also love the other Sims games (Castaway Stories anybody?)

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