Establishing a timeline for Pleasantview

Ah, Pleasantview… the place where Bella Goth was missing and Mortimer Goth is an old man. I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. Okay, I love the game, but I don’t like how the aging process works. You go from adult to old man in the blink of an eye, then you’re dying constantly. Annoying.

In this timeline, I’ve brought back an entire range of Elders, so we’re looking at things aged down a bit for timeline consistencies.

Gunther Goth – 70

Cornelia Goth -69

Agnes Crumplebottom – 70

Mortimer Goth – 49

Michael Bachelor – 49

Bella Goth – 45 (Bella was 20 when she had Cassandra, they married young; traditional values).

Cassandra Goth – 25

Alexander Goth – 15

Angela Pleasant-Broke – 22

Skip Broke – 39 (Faked his death, ran away with Bella; Don helped him fake it.)

Bob Newbie – 64 (Staying deceased, car crash for story purposes)

Betty Newbie – 63 ((Staying deceased, car crash for story purposes)

Brandi Broke – 39 (Making her a teen mom, which is indicated by her bio/lifestyle anyways).

Dustin Broke – 23

Beau Broke – 8

Skip Broke Jr.- 2

Dustin and Angela’s Twins – Newborns

Lilith Pleasant – 22

Daniel Pleasant – 48

Mary-Sue Pleasant – 49

Dirk Dreamer – 22

Darren Dreamer – 45

Nina Caliente – 32 (I picked a random age I liked for these two).

Dina Caliente-Bachelor -32

Don Lothario – 35

Author: Lilith Pleasant

I've been playing The Sims since 2004. I've played every iteration, but the Sims 2 will always remain as my very favourite. I'm passionate about getting others involved in playing the Sims 2 and sharing my stories, as well as trying my hand at CC. But, I also love the other Sims games (Castaway Stories anybody?)

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