Dirk and Lilith After College Bliss

Correction: in a very stupid-on-new-antidepressants move, I accidentally referred to Lilith as Angela in the original post. I am just as bad as Mary Sue and Daniel. 😭

I never really expected Dirk and Lilith to make it this long. However, they rarely fight, and I’m not going to force them to. Apparently they’re in it for the long hall. Lilith is working in business and climbing the ladder quickly. Dirk, despite taking after his dad and wanting to stay home and paint all day, is a lawyer.

Dirk and Lilith moved to Pleasantview City (my subhood city because Pleasantview felt more like a suburb) after college.

Here’s their cute apartment, which I am completely in love with.

They are just super cute and adorable and happy, and they kiss a lot.

As you can see by Dirk’s adorable ring, they’re already engaged. I actually forget when it happened, and I think it was autonomous. These two are obsessed with each other.

Lilith got promoted!

 And she’s swimming…

God they are adorable…

Also, I love this new rug. You can find it here. The TV is from here. Most of the other furniture is from The Sims Resource by Steffor.


That’s it… for now.



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