Resurrection: Agnes Crumplebottom, and the Goth Sr.’s in The Sims 2

Mortimer kept dying in my game, before I ever really had a chance to do much with him. So, I decided to resurrect him. I already had mods for it, so I got him back to life. That’s not at all what this post is about. This post is more about my complete obsession with The Sims franchise (and love of The Sims 1 and 2). While I was floating around in this mod, I realized it would let me bring back to life characters who only really existed for the family tree function. So I may have… resurrected the entire Goth family? Also, I was super unaware that our dear Agnes Crumplebottom is sisters with Cordelia. For ‘canon’ reasons, I’m just going to decide they never died. I mean. it’s not impossible for people to live to be super old, so meh. I’m going to place Gunther/Cordelia/Agnes at around their 80s, and Mortimer in his 60s, with Cassandra in her early 30s. Michael Bachelor is alive too, because… why not?

Mortimer is missing from the screencap because he died YET AGAIN and had to be resurrected/age reset. Stop dying Mort! After this screenshot was taken, the Goth Srs. and Miss Crumplebottom were all moved to separate families because I’m going to move them into Old Town. This neighborhood (subhood) was made by Kalisa is simming, and my god it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to The Sims 2.

I added some townhouse CC etc to the empty space in Old Town. I love having a zillion housing choices, what can I say?

Resurrections were done with Sim Manipulator. I clicked on the ground, clicked “Spawn” and then got a Scythe that allows me to resurrect.

Some of the dead have duplicates, so I’d imagine they might have the wrong relationships. However, none of the Goths had duplicates, so it was all good.

Aren’t these two freaking adorable?

Their house is decorated like their Sims 1 house (not by me, came this way). Not sharing that one since it’s pretty much exactly how you’d expect if you played the Sims 1.

I gave Michael a pin-ball machine and other games. . I might also change his skintone, because he’s way lighter than he’s supposed to be (thanks Sims 2 dev team; why didn’t you make your ghosts the right COLOR?). But, I’m lazy and I don’t wanna SimPE right now, so here’s a very white Michael Bachelor.

His house is one of the Sims 1 remakes (thank you so MUCH Kalisa)

A little update, I remembered (ie. was reading sims blogs) that Dina was married to Michael. So, I put them back together. I used the family manipulator, so it’s like things never ended with them. They have great chemistry still.

Some of my defaults might be messing with looks. I need to go through them because I hate most of the floor/wall defaults (they’re so ugly, I regret everything…)

Finally… Agnes. Oh lord, who doesn’t love Agnes? I moved her into the house next to her sister and brother in-law.

Unfortunately it was not decorated (nor was Michael’s but it was small)… so here we go…

I’m going to admit, I did this as quickly as I could. I kept Agnes’ personality (or what I think that is in mind and decorated speedily.

She needs a sewing/art/music room, right?

Here’s Agnes in her tomato garden.

I need to find what fence default that is and get rid of it… stat.

I can’t wait for the stories that’ll come with these additions.

Author: Lilith Pleasant

I've been playing The Sims since 2004. I've played every iteration, but the Sims 2 will always remain as my very favourite. I'm passionate about getting others involved in playing the Sims 2 and sharing my stories, as well as trying my hand at CC. But, I also love the other Sims games (Castaway Stories anybody?)

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