How To Buy and Sell Contraband Pals at The Black Marketeer in Palworld

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I am a bit of a roleplay type girl when it comes to these games, so when I found the black marketeer for the first time, I was skeptical on whether or not I should interact with such a scary guy. It was also pitch black and I climbed a cliff from the beach to the top. I was immediately greeted by this burly, masked man. The whole ordeal was fearsome! I will be calling him Gary.

The black marketer is able to buy and sell humans. Of course, this is some very shady wheelings and dealings, but I think if Gary wasn’t the one selling humans, then somebody else would be in this strange land.

Perhaps a twist of fate, or just poor decision making on my part, I have managed to build a castle just over the hill of the Black Marketeer’s sole spot. His spot is rather uncomfortable and I genuinely worry about his safety and comfort. Surely Gary needs to be taken care of! My neighbour does not seem to have a home, which is quite strange since he spends much of his time here.

You can find this particular Black Marketeer here:

Here is another location for a Black Marketeer (this one is in a mine).

Buying and selling is straightforward and just like the “legal” sellers. The difference, of course, is that you can sell your humans to this vendor.

There are always some interesting pals here. I like to check both the black markets and the town seller to see what’s available.

As for the Black Markeer whom I named Gary, I decided that he needed a house.

The view from my castle.

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