How to Get The Sims 2

How to Download/Acquire The Sims 2

There is no legal way to digitally purchase the Sims 2. It is considered abandonware, and thus the ethics of downloading are murky. But that said, the game is amazing, and EA would be making buckets if they just released it. Now, I do suggest you use a VPN and a trusted source to get the game.

Note: even if you “own” the sims 2 for Origin or the disks, I still suggest a pirated/cracked version. The game is no longer supported, and thus, not really that stable without being cracked and a bunch of mods. It might seem a little weird to pirate something you own, but in my experience this is the best results.

If you’re playing on Mac, you can just buy The Sims 2 from the Apple app store (it does not include all EPs due to EA never selling Aspyr the rights). I’ve purchased and tested it on my old macbook and it runs fine. Aspyr provides regular updates. If you have an M2 mac, I am not sure if they are updated yet, but they likely will.

All sims games and packs are available here. Download at own risk. As for piracy, the newer games aren’t abandonware, so not legal in most countries (so use at own risk).

If you’re having trouble installing, I suggest the Sims 2 Help subreddit wiki. You’ll find everything you need and more there.


I have added a direct magnet link.

In order to use the magnet link, you must already have a torrenting program installed on your computer. 

How to Install the Sims 2

Step 1: Install as you normally would.

Pick a place (either C drive, or a data drive of another name), and install the game there.

Getting the Sims 2 to work requires some tweaking. I want to make this guide as simple as possible. Those having trouble should see the subreddit, as they are better equip to answer technical questions than I am!

Step 2: Change Graphics Rules

Use the Graphics Rules Maker here.

Download it and then follow the instructions listed on the site.

Step 3: Apply the 4GB Patch

Download the 4GB patch tool here. Once downloaded, put it in a file folder for later use (it can be used for other games). Run the exe. Search for your sims file inside the “Mansion and Garden” folder.

Sample file path:

You should now be able to play The Sims 2.


Author: Lilith Pleasant

I've been playing The Sims since 2004. I've played every iteration, but the Sims 2 will always remain as my very favourite. I'm passionate about getting others involved in playing the Sims 2 and sharing my stories, as well as trying my hand at CC. But, I also love the other Sims games (Castaway Stories anybody?)