Building an Ore Mine Base in Palworld

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As of right now, there is no automation facility available for ore the way there is for wood and stone at your bases. The solution to this is finding a fantastic base location and taking advantage of the gathering of pals with the mining skill. This takes up a lot of the area of your base, so it’s nice to do this once you have the ability to have 2 bases. Since you can travel back and forth with your inventory, there’s really no problem having two bases.

Level 1 pals currently have a bug where they will say that the assignment for copper ore is active, but this is not true as they need to be level 2 mining or higher to mine ore! Before you get a level 2 miner, you can easily mine the ore yourself and overload your inventory on the node and drop your stacks. Your pals will pick up the ore for you. If you don’t yet have a level 2 miner, this is a great spot on the map to get the Tombat.



This bat looks like a cat and mines. Don’t take this too seriously… all that matters is it’s a level 2 miner. This pal only comes out at night. I found the night cycles really short so it was hard to get more than 1-2 per night. I have 3 total in the base right now.

What was supposed to just be a mining base for me has turned into a castle… but that’s another story for another article. With that said, for this article I’ll only be focused on the mining/crafting part of the base. I have a RP-PVE playstyle, so I will admit that things aren’t set up for any kind of optimization or streamlining… I just go with my heart. It accidentally turned into an entire castle.


One problem that seems to be occurring a lot is that the manual assignments are being ignored once pals go eat/rest. They then try to go mine the level 1 stone. This was… annoying to say the least. I fixed it (temporarily) by just deleting the stone gatherer. Then… I had another idea. I made a little box where I can throw one or two small pals into with a bed, plantation, food, hot tub, and stone gatherer. This idea works for the most part but somehow the pal keeps escaping.

It does however keep my level 2s out entirely. The one caveat is I keep have to carrying the pal back to this base… which is better than losing all my level 2s to stone. In exciting news… as I was writing this I hatched an egg with ANOTHER 2 Tombats! Yay!

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