Builders of Greece, a New City Builder With an Ancient Scope

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When I added Builders of Greece to my steam Wishlist (god, forever ago?) I kind of forgot about it. Today I received that email from Steam telling me a new game from my wishlist was released and I remembered that I was excited for the game. Most of my time recently has been put into Palworld, but at 150+ hours, that has started to wane… what perfect timing!

The first thing I’ve noticed is that the game runs smoothly without an overly clunky AI. This is a wonderful thing for people with sensory disorders, and I’m always terrified to open a new game to see what fresh hell will await me.

I will say I was a bit surprised at how much the game wants to build, and how fast. This isn’t necessarily a complaint, just something I noticed. I’m used to many city builders starting off quite slow- but to see the early tutorial wanting ten houses and then six grape vineyards was kind of interesting.

My main problem thus far has been that I was completely confused when being raided. The battle menu and selection makes absolutely no sense, so I was just aimless selecting my soldiers and clicking… I am not quite sure it did anything. My army did lose, so there’s that. With that said, losing the raid wasn’t an automatic game over, so things could be worse.

So far, I’m having fun. I think. I’ve always wanted an Ancient Greece builder, so this does scratch that itch. I’m not sure how in depth the game will be once out of Early Access, but I hope that they add some of the political decisions and foundations that made Greece what it was. It’s also very pretty (or too pretty in my husband’s opinion lol)

I do think this game certainly has potential, especially where it’s so new… and I’m excited to follow how the development goes for it. In my opinion, more city builders are ALWAYS a good thing.

Author: Lilith Pleasant

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